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Looking for ideas?

Read to grandparents

Read a story together with your little one and share it with their grandparents. Who wouldn't love to feel included in your life more?

Away for work

Being away for work often means you'll miss bedtime stories. Find some time to read when it works for you and then send your story.

Rainy day

Grab your crayons, some paper, and your imagination. Draw a picture and come up with a story together. Bonus points if you include your extended family so they can feel like a part of the fun.

Pen pal challenge

Challenge your little reader to make and read stories for their friends and family. See if you can get a weekly exchange going!


Being away from family for months or years can be tough on anybody. Being deployed can be heart-wrenching for all. Record stories from 

Practice reading along

Even from a young age kids are great at putting together what you read with the pages they saw during reading. Grab a couple of books and follow along!

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